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Scope 3

Need for action

The recent legislative changes in Europe and the US aimed at decarbonizing, as well as the upcoming policies and legislation in Australia requiring meeting concrete emission targets, underscore the urgent need for the corporate sector to proactively prepare and develop a solid plan without delay.

Top of the line solution

Although there are alternative methods available for quantifying scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, ClimateClever is the pioneering solution that simplifies the measurement of scope 3 or supply chain emissions in a user-friendly and accessible way.

With our innovative tagging system, contractors and suppliers can conveniently enter their emissions data through our engaging platform and attach them to specific projects or events. This system allows you to see all your suppliers emissions in one place, providing you with a comprehensive and transparent view of your emissions profile and eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets.

Measure Journey

Exceeding compliance obligations to drive business success

By engaging in our measuring and reduction services, you will be granted access to our platform for tracking your supply chain and internal emissions. In addition, our carbon accounting team will be available to provide you with the necessary support and guidance.

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Add your sites or temporary locations

Create in the platform both your fixed locations and temporary locations your organisation might not have total control over to calculate the emissions accurately.

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Create projects & events

You will also have the ability to create projects or events based on your organization's specific needs, which can be linked to a site if necessary. This approach simplifies the process of starting the reduction journey, as it allows organizations to begin with smaller initiatives and gradually build up over time. Moreover, it enables independent tracking of emissions, facilitating the reporting process.

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Access your suppliers' emission details

Once your suppliers or contractors are added to the platform, you share with them the projects, sites, or events where you would like them to report their emissions. This will enable them to allocate specific emissions to instances that are under your control, allowing for easy, accurate tracking and reporting.

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Easily report your Scope 3 emissions

As part of the annual report, you will be able to have in one place all your supply chain emissions grouped by sites, projects and events, being able to analyse how much each of your suppliers contribute to your specific and overall carbon footprint.

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