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Partnership opportunities and benefits

Using our data-driven platforms, partners can easily track and report on actions taken within their community to reduce carbon emissions, thereby demonstrating leadership in sustainability and tangible climate action.

  • Meet your strategic goals

    The ClimateClever program enables partners to share responsibility for meeting KPIs and targets with their local communities. Partners can access anonymised data from households, schools and businesses, to benchmark, measure and monitor the impact of local actions designed to reduce consumption of - and carbon outputs from - electricity, gas, water, waste, travel and paper.

  • Developing tomorrow's leaders

    By helping to engage, educate and up-skill students around these important issues, you are also helping to shape the next generation of leaders, who will be resource efficient and climate savvy.

  • Take action to tackle the Climate Emergency

    Partnering with ClimateClever could be your first - or next! - critical step on the path to a low-carbon future.

    Show the world how you intend to act on this important pledge, and empower your community at the same time.

  • Help local schools, households and businesses achieve savings on their utility bills

    In an age of ongoing budget cuts, rising energy bills and resource scarcity, the ClimateClever program represents a concrete way for partners to help their communities to significantly reduce their utility bills and increase affordability.

  • Enhance tree planting in your area

    One of the most inspiring actions to emerge from the ClimateClever Initiative is the tree planting program, which has seen participating schools volunteer to plant trees to offset their annual emissions.

    To date, more than 85,000 trees have been planted across Perth and regional WA under this scheme, enabling more than 20 schools to become carbon neutral.

How the ClimateClever app works.

  • Measure

    Calculate your carbon footprint, track your emissions annually and compare your results with others across the country

  • Audit

    Understand how buildings and facilities consume resources and see how it impacts your overall carbon footprint. Compare assets to other users.

  • Action

    Learn how to systematically reduce your carbon footprint. Assign tasks, set deadlines, implement initiatives, monitor progress and share experiences.

Join a growing community of Local Governments leading the fight against climate change

Many local governments are clearly leading the way in climate action, already have strong climate and carbon reduction targets and KPI's in place, and more than 100 local governments have declared a 'Climate Emergency'.

However, local governments can often lack the required resources and/or capacity to deliver tangible programs that are capable of driving significant actions and/or measureable results, especially at community-wide scale.

By working together with ClimateClever, we can help local governments create significant and quantifiable change in their communities.

Some of our Partners

  • 2040 Movie
  • City of Albany
  • City of Canning
  • City of Stirling
  • Curtin University


This is the first time the City has had the ability to develop community targets and give feedback straight to the user. We have an aspiration for Albany to be clean, green and sustainable so implementing community driven initiatives like ClimateClever allow us to identify and deliver improvements in sustainability within the wider community. This partnership will allow residents to reduce their costs, as well as their carbon footprint and be part of transformational change in the way we view our usage.

Andrew Sharpe - City of Albany - Chief Executive Officer

The City has received great feedback from local schools already using the app, as it was easy to use and could help school communities cut their energy use and save money. Students at these schools have taken real ownership of the app and are eager to make a difference on a local level. We look forward to rolling out the app to other local schools this year through the City’s Living Green Schools program.

Mark Irwin - Mayor - City of Stirling

As a local government, there is always a need to reach your community and support them in their sustainability journey. Finding creative ways to get the community engaged in carbon reduction and sustainability initiatives can prove challenging, and measuring progress and outcomes even more difficult. ClimateClever provides an opportunity to capture high quality community data across energy, water and waste from schools and households, with a relatively small investment in staff time and cost.

Melanie Bainbridge - Sustainability Lead - City of Canning

As a partner, The City of Cockburn has really benefited from having direct access to the ClimateClever platform that the schools use to input their data. This is incredible data that we’ve never had access to before; there hasn’t been any other program like it that is so multi-beneficial in terms of education and climate action.

Claire Braithwaite - Former Environmental Education Officer - City of Cockburn

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