Saving the planet has never paid so well.

Our beautiful, intelligent ClimateClever Homes App will help you save money AND reduce your impact on the planet. How's that for a win win?!

  • Measure your impact

    • Track your household electricity, gas, water, travel and paper consumption and costs
    • Calculate your carbon footprint using certifiable methods
    • Count your home appliances
    • Compare your results with others
  • Save money AND the planet

    • Make quick savings with free actions from our ClimateClever community
    • Reinvest savings into home retrofits and upgrades recommended by others
    • Manage your action plan online and even become carbon neutral
  • Be a part of a growing ClimateClever community

    • Join a movement of people taking action on climate change
    • Share and learn from their experiences and celebrate collective achievements
    • Together we make a BIG impact!

How the ClimateClever app works.

  • Measure

    Calculate your carbon footprint, track your emissions annually, compare your results with others across the country and even become carbon neutral.

  • Audit

    Understand how buildings and facilities consume resources and see how it impacts your overall carbon footprint. Compare assets to other users.

  • Action

    Learn how to systematically reduce your carbon footprint. Assign tasks, set deadlines, implement initiatives, monitor progress and share experiences.

Save $30 on a yearly subscription!

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$30per year (+GST)

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Get started in 4 easy steps

  • Sign up and create an account, then create your baseline carbon footprint from your utility bills

  • Take a snapshot of your appliances and identify any hidden energy and water guzzlers

  • Create a plan from a growing list of successful actions developed in our ClimateClever community

  • Track and celebrate your progress and impact using our beautiful analytics platform

Feel good about being part of the solution

Feeling powerless about climate change? You CAN make a difference. Our app will show you how.

As featured in

  • 2040 Movie
  • 6PR - Tim McMillian - Inspiring Stories
  • ABC - Fight for Planet A: The ClimateChallenge
  • ABCMe - Project Planet
  • Robyn Williams - The Science Show


As a house-share of 5, we’ve been using the ClimateClever Homes App for three months now. Even though it’s early days, we’ve been amazed at how much money we can save by making simple changes. Using the App has meant we are much more mindful of the resources we’re consuming and it’s a great way to keep each other accountable!

Daniel Blay

As a partner, The City of Cockburn has really benefited from having direct access to the ClimateClever platform that the schools use to input their data. This is incredible data that we’ve never had access to before; there hasn’t been any other program like it that is so multi-beneficial in terms of education and climate action.

Claire Braithwaite - Former Environmental Education Officer - City of Cockburn

Our school’s focus on sustainability has really been enhanced by the ClimateClever program by allowing us to measure and monitor the change our students are making in reducing our carbon footprint

Emma Harris - President of the Parents and Citizens Association - North Morley Primary School

Stop wasting money on utility bills

Understand your bills, learn how to reduce them and celebrate all the extra cash in your pocket

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