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Schools, Homes and LGAs

The perfect carbon solution for homes, schools and local governments all across Australia. Join the thousands that are already making an impact with ClimateClever!

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LGA Partners

ClimateClever + 
Local Councils

By partnering with ClimateClever, your local community receives a discount on all paid subscriptions. You also receive access to a Partner Dashboard to track the impact across your community.

Our personalised quarterly reports aggregate your community's costs, carbon footprint, consumption and action data, giving you a powerful resource to demonstrate climate action in the community. Use this data to create informed environmental and governance strategies for the future!
See an example report here.


Carbon Accounting Made Easy

One platform to help you measure your carbon footprint and reach your reduction goals

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Measure Emissions

Measure your baseline emissions such as electricity, water, gas, among many others, using our accurate carbon calculator.

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Reduce with Actions

Use our ample set of actions or create your own action to help you and your community reduce your carbon footprint.

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Carbon Reports

Clear, accessible executive reports and downloadable data to support ongoing finance and environmental activities.

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Purchase Offsets

Offset your remaining emissions with our trusted, verified offsets and get a ClimateClever Offset certificate.

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Educate Community

Create climate education opportunities in your community by sharing your experiences, comparing with others and linking your accounts.

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Join our passionate community in our update sessions, chats and
"Switch-Off" webinars.


Leading the way in education

Our student-led platform enables schools to reduce their carbon footprint, save money on their bills and slots right into the curriculum. Get started today for free!

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Student-led, backed by science.

Our Platform takes students beyond textbooks and provides real world examples. Transform your classrooms into living laboratories with citizen science.

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Save money AND the planet.

ClimateClever schools have saved up to $30 per student per year using our library of actions. It's a win-win!

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Build community wide change

Students continue learning by using our Homes Platform and connecting with peers across Australia at our School Meetups.

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As seen in "Fight for Planet A"

We were featured in the ABC series 'Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge'. The documentary showed how one of our schools managed saved 30% on their bills in 4 months!


ClimateClever at Home

Our interactive ClimateClever Homes Platform will help you save money AND reduce your impact on the planet.

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Track your household electricity, gas, water, waste, transport and paper consumption and costs.

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Make quick savings with free actions from our ClimateClever community. Manage your action plan online & become carbon neutral.

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Be a part of a growing community

Join a movement of people taking action on climate change. Together we make a BIG impact!