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Your pathway to carbon neutrality.

We make the carbon reduction process simple for you. We guide you through measuring, reducing and offsetting your emissions to become leaders in climate action.


Calculate and track your carbon footprint and costs from all utilities.

  • Based on international standards and protocols
  • Ability to compare with others


Understand where you are consuming resources within your buildings.

  • Audit the number and type of appliances in your office
  • Calculate and compare results with others


Create a strategic low carbon action plan using our evidence-based platform.

  • Recieve tailored tips and advice
  • Engage your staff in the process


Choose how you'd like to offset your emissions to become carbon neutral.

  • Effortlessly achieve carbon neutrality
  • Choose from a range of suppliers or let us do it for you

Be a leader in your

Using our simple, engaging online platform, you can demonstrate to the world exactly how your addressing climate change.

Credible and Certifiable

We don’t estimate your footprint. Our calculations are based on real data and meet international standards

Manage and reduce

Using our innovative, online action plan, you can choose from a growing database of actions, assign tasks, set deadlines and provide feedback

Detailed Analytics

Beautiful, simple to understand analytics to track your performance and compare yourself to others

Engage your staff and the community

Combine our ClimateClever Home app to inspire your staff and community to reduce their own footprint.


Our pricing is incredibly affordable

You can save far more money on your utility bills than the subscriptions fee. We take you along the whole journey from measuring through to implementation of actions. Our interactive platform allows you to track your progress the entire way.

Starting At
$ 500

per year

Currently offering a 10% discount

* Fee is based on size of business