Julia's journey using the ClimateClever Homes App

We recently spoke to one of our incredible ClimateClever Home App users about her experience using the app. Read on to hear how she cut her carbon footprint by a massive 50% and got her kids involved too!

Which ClimateClever app have you been using and how have you been finding it?

We recently started using the ClimateClever Homes App to track our carbon emissions and we've been loving it! 

What actions have you put in place since getting the app?

We’ve made some major changes since signing up to ClimateClever like purchasing solar panels, but most of the changes we’ve made are very small and simple ones. For example, we've switched to LED light bulbs around the house and we've started using shorter and cooler washing machine cycles. A lot of the changes have been very easy and fun and the kids have gotten involved too! 

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What have you enjoyed most about the ClimateClever Home App?

The best thing about the ClimateClever App has been being able to actually track the difference that we’re making to our bills, our costs and our carbon emissions. The kids have loved being able to see it on a dashboard and enjoy looking at the graphs and actually seeing the difference that they're making - it's very empowering!

And finally, what cost and carbon savings have you made since signing up to the app? 

We've saved about $820 on our bills this year across our electricity, water and gas. We've also reduced our carbon emissions by more than 50% compared to last year. It’s been really rewarding to be able to see that all these little changes are adding up and making a difference.

Thanks Julia! You inspire us all. Want to use our ClimateClever Homes App to reduce YOUR carbon and utility bills? Click here to sign up now! :earth_asia:

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