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The diet that is good for you AND the planet

Now this isn’t a ‘give up meat’ post, I promise! You have probably heard that moving towards a plant-based diet is not only beneficial for your health, but also beneficial for the planet. But how…

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Julia's journey using the ClimateClever Homes App

Which ClimateClever app have you been using and how have you been finding it? We recently started using the ClimateClever Homes App to track our carbon emissions and we've been loving it!  What…

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How to halve your landfill in a single weekend

Zero waste. A scary term I know. But what actually is zero waste? I would define zero waste as getting as close to zero landfill waste as possible. I am going to give you a taster of how I got started…

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Our Businesses

Here is a list of the first, progressive businesses to sign up to our ClimateClever Business App! NSW Edmiston Jones Ian Moore Architects Risk and Safety Solutions Troppo Architects NT National Trust…

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Our Schools

Below are our wonderful ClimateClever schools, who are leading the way in sustainability and climate action! They continue to inspire us all with their enthusiasm, leadership and dedication to…

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Our Partners

If you are a resident, a school or a business within one of these Local Governments or are connected to any of the other organisations, you can get 50% off our ClimateClever Apps! OR - if you are…

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Carbon Neutrality - what it is and how we get there

So you want to go carbon neutral but you're not sure what that involves, how much it costs, what the process is and whether you need to be certified or not? Having helped to certify the first carbon…

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Gaia Resources joins ClimateClever

Why is action on climate change important for you? When I founded Gaia Resources back in 2004, it was to try to set up a company that could mix up my technology and environmental skills, but also…

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It’s Not Easy Counting Green

“Isn’t it all a matter of multiplying a few factors together?” This is a question that I am asked time and again as an environmental accountant, most recently in response to my work as Carbon Guru…

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