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Following extensive research, pilots, tonnes of carbon savings and hundreds of thousands of dollars of utility savings, the ClimateClever Initiative is now empowering schools and students all over Australia to reduce their carbon footprint and save money!

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How your school will benefit

There are loads of benefits from joining the ClimateClever Program! Here are just a few…


Enrich student learning through hands-on activities

Curriculum links

Link carbon reduction initiatives to the national curriculum


Save at least 10% on your school's utility costs


Become true leaders of sustainability by walking the talk

Global Citizens

Empower your students to become responsible global citizens

Community change

Engage your community around low carbon living


What you will receive
with our program.

Our participants receive so much more than just an App.

Teaching resources

Download student lesson plans and resources to integrate the ClimateClever program into various learning areas.


Join other inspiring ClimateClever Schools once a Term in person or online to see what they are doing and share experiences.

Yearly progress reports

Download end of year report that tracks your school's success.

Comparison data against other schools

See how your school compares to other schools around Australia

Access to community version of the app *

Access to the home version of the ClimateClever App for students and staff, which will track your community impact

* Additional costs may apply


Our friendly support team
are here to help.

You are not alone on this journey! Our wonderful staff are here to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s tech help or advice on what to implement, you can contact us any time.


Diverse skills



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The App

Beautiful, simple...
Designed to be student led.

We have created a simple, systematic, online approach, which enables you to easily identify initiatives and track your progress, celebrate your achievements and share your experiences with other schools.

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Our pricing is incredibly affordable

Our research and pilots have demonstrated that schools who actively participate can save on average $30 per student per year from their utility bills. Saving money AND the planet... how's that for a win-win!!

Starting At
$ 1000

per year

Get 50% off if you sign up in 2020

* Price based on size of school

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