Reduce your school's carbon footprint with a 15k grant!

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About the program

The NSW State Government is currently offering $15,000 grants to all NSW public schools who implement projects that improve their school environment, engage students and link to the curriculum. This is a fantastic opportunity to join our exciting new ClimateClever Program for free AND fund some early low carbon actions! So, if you want to help your students understand and reduce their school's carbon footprint, we strongly encourage you to get in contact with us asap.

Grant applications close 29 November!

About ClimateClever

ClimateClever is an innovative new digital technology platform that enables your students to measure, manage and reduce your school’s carbon footprint AND utility costs from electricity, gas, water and waste. The App helps you easily track your school's progress over the year and compare your carbon emissions, costs, buildings, appliances and low carbon actions with other schools. The program is linked to the curriculum and can be embedded into the classroom. By participating in this ground-breaking program, you get more than just an App - you become part of a growing community of people around the world who are actively tackling climate change.