ClimateClever Business App

Your pathway to carbon neutrality

Want to be a carbon neutral company? Our simple-to-use platform helps you to accurately measure your carbon footprint, and our online action plan guides you through reducing and offsetting your emissions to become leaders in climate action.

  • Measure

    • Calculate and track your carbon footprint and costs from all utilities.

    • Based on international standards and protocols.

    • Ability to compare with others.

  • Examine

    • Understand where you are consuming resources within your buildings.

    • Audit the number and type of appliances in your office.

    • Calculate and compare results with others

  • Action

    • Create a strategic low carbon action plan using our evidence-based platform.

    • Receive tailored tips and advice.

    • Engage your staff in the process.

  • Offset

    • Choose how you'd like to offset your emissions to become carbon neutral.

    • Effortlessly achieve carbon neutrality.

    • Choose from a range of suppliers or let us do it for you.

Be a leader in your industry

Using our simple, engaging, online platform, you can demonstrate to the world exactly how you're addressing climate change. Click on our Brochure below for pricing.

  • Track your impact. Meet your goals

    Our beautiful, engaging platform makes it easy to track and provide concrete and measureable results to meet your strategic sustainability and climate goals.

  • Your next step!

    Have you declared a climate emergency? Wondering what to do next? Our simple platform will guide you through the process.

  • Engage your staff and the community

    Combine our ClimateClever Home app to inspire your staff and community to reduce their own footprint.

  • Detailed analytics

    Beautiful, simple to understand analytics to track your performace and compare yourself to others.

What are you waiting for?

Clever solutions for tackling climate change